How to choose a guitar?

How to choose an bass guitar

You have decided to buy his first bass guitar, and if you have seriously decided to learn this interesting and original tool, this article is for you. We'll show you what to look for when choosing a bass guitar, and that, on the other hand is of secondary importance.

How to choose a bass guitar

To begin with, on what it is not necessary to emphasize:

Opinion "experienced" in many forums. Their assessment of brands and models of individual instruments can be diametrically opposed. Just a matter of personal preference.

The company in this case, the manufacturer of your choice should not be influenced. You get a tool, not a logo on the headstock. Type of wood. All the nuances of every sound tree you can understand only with experience and practice. Bass guitar should like. The shape, color, size deck, oddly enough, is important, as your tool is a part of your image. Look at yourself in the mirror with the selected bass guitar in his hands. You should match the style, which decided to play. You are a musician, you do not have to be funny.

If there is no particular preference, I advise you to start with, to give preference to more traditional forms of the body, so you'll look more solid and appropriate in the team.

With the game standing up is very important balance. The bar should not outweigh the bass guitar should be free to maintain comfortable position in the game.

Let's talk about the price.

Ironically, on the very cheap bass guitars can sometimes play. One of about 100 instruments is not so bad. But that it sounded in your hands, you must have a very sure technique of sound. And if you are just learning to play, the more do not buy cheap tools. Therefore, no matter how sad, we have to pay. Our choice - the bass guitar in the price category 12000-19000r.

Now, about the choice of bass guitar:

Unconnected bass should sound!

Place your right hand on the deck and pull the string. You should feel the vibration of the body! Pull the string stronger. Look how long it takes to complete the sound attenuation. This is called sustain and it is more than the better bass.

Note the build quality and the quality of all elements individually. Kolka should work smoothly, without jerks and failures, they, like the bridge should not be made of Chinese silumin alloys.

Private Stock-Electric Guitar

Serious manufacturer delivers to stores previously built up a guitar! Pay attention to the distance between the strings and frets Nut. If the strings very high above the stamp is very difficult to play. All to rebuild itself, is not so difficult without the help of a guitar wizard, as it seems, but why do you need the extra adventure for your money?

Buy or ask the seller the most simple tuner. Check the tuner Scale. The note on the open string corresponds to the note at the 12th fret. Check the sound at each fret on each string. It is important! There should be no extraneous overtones and ringing on any fret. Check the tuner, whether individually strings build. For example, the 2nd string 7th fret and 3rd string open note is A (A). Try as much as possible options. The bass guitar is to give the right note on any string anywhere in the bar!

Swipe your finger on the edge of the pad ... nothing should hang around and scratching.

Fear colored vultures. Especially on cheap guitars. You should see the structure and direction of the wood fibers. Make sure that was not the roe (deviation direction of wood fibers from the longitudinal axis of the barrel), otherwise the neck is deformed at the first removal of the frost. The patterns on the quality of wood fretboard parallel, symmetrical, without knots and inclusions.

Play should be easy! This is the basic rule and it does not matter with what stamped you select a bass guitar: thin, round, flat and wide. It's just your neck.

Cover with light wood (usually maple) sounds brighter accenting the high notes, dark wood trim (rosewood, ebony) give a velvet bottom and in the middle of the sound spectrum.

Choose to start with, a bass guitar with four strings. This is more than enough to play 95% of the existing songs in the world. And the fact is that the sound is expensive, and the fifth string on the budget bass guitar sounds distinctly rare, alas.

Choose a standard scale length. Number of pickups, for starters, too, has no value. When you have experience and you will have something to compare, you will understand, what sensors to buy a new bass guitar.

Electronics can be active and passive. No debate is going, what to prefer? Active circuitry - a useful thing, and correct, if you are determined to right tomorrow extensively giving concerts in stadiums. To start training, on the couch, these things are not absolutely necessary, and even harmful, for preventing feel lively and clear sound.

Keep in mind that a 12-string bass guitar with 8 band equalizer for 8000r have zamanuha advertising. Instrument sounds as much as he should, and do not expect miracles.

You never sounds exactly as your idol, even if you spend all the money, which you can get. This is probably more to do with temperament, not a tool, so find your own unique sound and style.

And finally: learn to hear. Perhaps this is the main thing for the bass guitarist. Respect your instrument, talking to him in the same language. Or fall in love with him, not noticing its minor flaws, and he will respond to you in return.